Project Management Services

Capital Project Management

  • Capital project supervision available
  • Specification writing and bidding oversight
  • Creation of a detailed bidding analysis
  • Creation and execution of project contacts
  • Oversight of contractors and subcontractors throughout the job
  • Oversight of job finances throughout the project

Insurance Claim Management

  • Orchestrate emergency response
  • Arrange emergency remediation
  • Survey loss and prepare claim
  • Communications with Insurance Company/Carrier
  • Facilitate loss review by claim adjuster
  • Review adjuster’s calculations and estimates
  • Negotiate settlement with insurance carrier
  • Manage rehabilitation and restoration
  • Management of claim fund distribution

Legal Process Management

  • Coordinate with legal counsel
  • Provide expert testimony and records
  • Participate in depositions
  • Strategic planning with legal counsel
  • Participate in settlement negotiations
F and F Property
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